Spotlight: LOCAL Apparel

Local Bomb it was established in 2009 by Wade Montgomery and for the past six years they have been the keystone in the Local scene. LOCAL has compiled a small group of talented skaters and snowboarders in Boone, NC. Besides providing riders with apparel and gear, Local supports events and road-trips like the Shine Run, a Spring road trip to North Carolina’s gnarliest hills. Wade’s contributions have lead the charge in what has historically been a very anti-skateboarding community, providing us with the foundation for the skate scene so many enjoy today.



Since 2013, Wade Montgomery has teamed up with other local business to host the Afford a Board Classic, a charity golf tournament organized to give skateboards to kids on Christmas. The Afford a Board Classic raised $1,700 to be used to buy 13 skateboards from Recess Skate and Snow, a ride shop in Boone. Beyond Boone, Local has paired up with the likes of Comet Skateboard, Asheville Ganj Patrol, and App Terrain Park at App Ski Mountian for a variety of business initiatives and community building events.


NCDH would like to thank Wade Montgomery and LOCAL for their support and inspiration. Undoubtedly, LOCAL was the catalyst for what we are trying to achieve here at NCDH. Look out for the LOCAL tent at the next NC event ad get yourself a bitchin’ shirt!