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BP Fortress Judgeride 8/27/17

Enjoy the video recap of our latest event!

The outlaw scene in the southeast is as strong as ever, between events in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, SC, and NC there’s almost no reason to ever leave.  Better yet than all the people willing to host these outlaws, is the southeast squad that shows up in full force regardless of hill condition or distance travel.

The ideas of this event had been tossed around a lot in the past year, finding something different than race or freeride. The format is probably most similar to gymnastics contests (judging one shot) or street league.  Riders were given 1 run per round, with a judge in each corner scoring them on a scale of 1-10. Top 50% of scores made it through to the next round. All styles are judged on the same 10 point scale, allowing different styles to compete in the same event. Each style had it’s own set of criteria (for instance: difficulty was more pertinent in the Freeride catagory, while line was more important in the DH catagory), allowing riders to skate however they like with judges adjusting accordingly.  

The final 4 consisted of 4 very different styles, hopefully a signal that the system works.  Kevin Kang won when he switched to a street deck with hard wheels in Finals and proceeded to still murder the road.  Jacob Hales got second by doing crazy Jacob things.  Kevin Depreist (out of east Tennessee) got third for absolutely sending it each round and somehow pulling off heinous moves.  And Freddy Ortega got to fourth, utilizing more of a fast DH style

The final 8 riders are entered to compete in the Top 8 Shootout at a more technical hill at a later date!  Keep your eyes peeled

Thanks to Anthony Flis, Bailey WInecoff, and Nick Hanson for Judging all day, Madison Crum for setting it up, Thomas Richmond for the sick edit up above, and all the southeast locals that show up to all these outlaws!


Each year we pile into vans and go hill-hunting on our traditional Shinerun trip. This adventure leads us to unknown lands with many rad experiences shared along the way. We always end up with stock-piles of footage, and we wanted to share this final mash-up edit with you all. Enjoy!

Film: Madison Crum, Phill Baldwin, Thomas Richmond
Edit: Phill Baldwin, Thomas Richmond

Comet Skateboards x NCDH // Adam Westfall in Appalachia

Comet Skateboards presents another collaboration video with North Carolina DownHill, featuring Adam Westfall on a chunder rip. Coming back strong from a broken collarbone, Adam spent a few months dialing his lines in NC before heading out on a leg of the IDF Euro Tour. Follow NCDH @northcarolinadownhill

NCDH x Local | Garrett & Romeo ‘Belly’ [Shinerun 2017]

Each year, the NCDH x Local crew embarks on ‘Shinerun’, an exploratory trip to find and document Appalachian gems. Garrett Gourley and Romeo Dilla exemplify a creative take on one of the region’s most iconic roads.

Film & Edit: Phill Baldwin + Thomas Richmond
Follow: Madison Crum
Song: ‘Native Dreams’ by Rose Windows


NCDH x Local | Marshal Parrish [Shinerun 2017]

On this year’s ‘Shinerun 2017’ the NCDH crew ventured into the burnt down lands of Flexington. We stumbled across a torched neighborhood run and Marshal Parrish sent it through the crust.

Film & Edit: Teaj & Phill
Additional Filming: Evan Cerick
Follow Footy: Madison Crum
Song: ‘Them Shoes’ by Patrick Sweaty

Thank you to our sponsors – Board Paradise, Local Apparel, 80Fr8