Monthly Archives: February 2016

Spotlight: Paris Trucks & Divine Wheels

We would like to extend a huge thanks to Paris Trucks and Divine Wheels for the hookup! They so generously swagged out the Boone community with a ton of trucks and wheels. Every set has gone to a Boone skater in need. This contribution has allowed us to set up 10 boards that we can provide to skaters in need.


Brandon Kourie on the Paris 50s and Divine Road Rippers

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Ranger Raw-Run

Mount Jefferson’s Park Superintendent Jo Shimel gets a practice run in for this years race, happening April 23rd & 24th. Registration opens Feb. 15th at

Ranger – Joseph Shimel
Stunt Double – Madison Crum
Song – Terrible Terrible – Technicolor Idols

Stay tuned, more info to come.